October 16th Updated Cohort Guidelines

Oct. 16, 2020

Full details, alongside different examples, previous updates, and the PDF can be found on our Return to Play Guidelines Page


ALBERTA RE-OPENING STAGE 2 (as of October 16, 2020):


October 16th Update

  • The maximum number of individuals that can form a cohort is 50.
  • The 50-person maximum includes any coaches/staff, instructors, participants, officials, and volunteers who consistently and routinely engage with participants at a distance of less than 2 metres.
  • For Football only: to ensure play is not prohibited, two teams are allowed to cohort together under this guidance.
  • Cohorts (a football team) must ensure there is a 14 day period between completion of play with another cohort before they play against a new cohort.


October 5th Update

  • Mini cohorts are permitted to travel outside of their Health Region for the purpose of competition.  Previous guidelines stated you had to stay in your own Health Region.
  • If a player or coach tests positive, Alberta Health Services will be in charge of how to handle the cohort and will only request information about the attendee’s participation if they deem a potential exposure is likely to have occurred during your activity.
  • AHS investigators will determine if there are close contacts that should be made aware/notified based on the period of infectivity and the organization’s compliance with public health guidance.


September 17th Update

  • Individuals should limit the number of cohorts/mini leagues they are involved in. (The previous guidelines stated individuals should only belong to one sport cohorts).