High School Football Rankings

Alberta High School Football Rankings for 2019!

Each year the first rankings are released following the CFL’s Labor Day Classic between the Edmonton Eskimos and Calgary Stampeders (see link below). The Football Alberta Rankings for 2019 will be continually updated each Sunday  until the completion of the regular season and league playoffs on Nov. 3. At that time final rankings will be assigned to those teams advancing to the ASAA Alberta Bowl Playoffs.


Here are the Weekly Top-10 Rankings for all four Tiers of 12 man high school football in Alberta and the 6-man rankings as well for the 2019 season.

The teams are slotted into Tiers based on their estimated school size, which may change once official counts are known at the end of September.  Please note that games vs. US opponents, or tournaments are not taken into consideration for ranking or listed in the overall record of the schools due to too many variables and inconsistent rules for those games.

Should you have any questions about the rankings or listed teams please contact Football Alberta.

2019 - Week 1

2019 - Week 2

2019 - Week 3

2019 - Week 4

2019 - Week 5

2019 - Week 6

2019 - Week 7

2019 - Week 8

2019 - Week 9

2019 - Week 10

The second weekend in November is when all High School and Minor Football Leagues qualifiers begin Provincial Play.    Also known as the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” there will be 20 games at the high school level and 11 at the Minor Football level that Saturday.  We encourage you to please check out the Provincial Draw for the ASAA High School Football Playoffs leading up to the Alberta Bowl at:

ASAA High School Football


Football Alberta Minor Provincials

Team will be filled in as they qualify during the season.